About Us

Creature-hut is a Special Effects company based in Southampton UK; they produce props, models, small scale scenery, prosthetic makeup, sculptures and creature/character designs. They have produced props and models for numerous independent films, art projects and live action events.

We produce work for...

  • Shop window displays

  • Private commissions

  • festivals

  • Independent Films

  • theatre productions

  • Escape rooms

Drop us an email if we help create something special for your production!

Meet the team....

 demonic teeth included

demonic teeth included

horror me.jpg


Tom is a sculptor, model maker, mould maker, creature design and SFX generalist. He has his fingers in many pies from stop-motion to life sculpture. Tom has a first class BA(hons) in Special Effects with a specialisation in animatronics design.

He also produces special effects makeup effects.

You can follow him on instagram @creaturehut and on facebook.



Emily is a sculptor, model maker, creature and character designer; she works as a freelance model maker and has been responsible for the production of museum exhibitions and arts films. She sells a lot of her personal artwork through instagram and patreon.

You can follow her on instagram @creature.creature