SFX, Creature Design, Model Making and Prototyping
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SFX, Creature Design, Model Making and Prototyping

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What is Creature-hut?

Creature-hut is model making company, we specialise in producing accurate models, practice SFX for media, concept and prototype development and props for wherever they are needed.

Who uses our services?

  • Museums that need exacting models.

  • Film Makers looking for SFX or puppets

  • Theatre companies, LARPers or festivals

  • Stop motion film makers

  • Game developers who need concept work or physical models to display at expos

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Museum Models

At Creature-hut we love paleoart and we devote a lot of care and attention to accurately recreating creatures now extinct.

We fabricate models of all shapes and sizes for all types of display.

Want to see more pics of our museum display models? head to the gallery below.

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Prototype Game Development

Whether its game pieces, tokens, counters or characters we have you covered. At Creature-hut we are able to develop prototypes that will make your Kickstater or investment pitch stand out.

We can also produce prototypes or limited runs of designer toys or similar. Check out the gallery link below to see examples.


Creature Design

Alongside paleoart we also produce conceptual creature design. The images in the gallery are not CGI they are fully real models cast in resin and photographed in our studio.

Whether its for a game, a movie or a live action experience it all starts here; strong creature design is essential.

Already have a design and looking to add something special to your stand at an expo? no problem, we can bring your ideas in to real space.

Thinking bigger?

creature suits? puppetry? Movie Special Effects? It’s all possible through us, we’ve created props and practical effects for various media projects.

If there’s a project you’d like us to discuss just contact us via the form below.

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