SFX, Creature Design, Model Making and Prototyping
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At Creature-hut we specialise in producing high quality designs and models for a variety of purposes. Whether you need conceptual designs, props for TV or Film, escape rooms, festivals or even want to bring digital assets in to real world you can count on us to deliver a high and exacting standard of work. 

We're always available to talk over potential projects, just email via the contact section of our site and we'll respond ASAP.

We also offer classes in SFX, creature design and sculpture at our studio in Eastleigh and as private educators for institutions such as universities or colleges. For more detailed lesson plans and practices contact us and we'll be happy to prepare custom short courses. 



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We frequently hold classes or demonstrations in creature design, sculpting and painting. We occasionally hold more advanced classes in our studio where we teach the more esoteric processes like concept maquette design or mould making and casting.

We are also available for seminars and workshops and at institutions, just contact us for details and what you'd like us to deliver. We're sure that one of our team has the expertise that you require. 


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This cross section of our portfolio contains creature design, paleo-reconstruction, art toy design, props for film, stop motion and museum exhibition work. Almost all of our work is professionally moulded and cast, ensuring a solid feel with the option to produce copies if needed.

If you need something a bit more unusual don't hesitate to contact us. whether it's an animatronic puppet, SFX makeup or even a limited run of a product/sculpture for a promotional release, there's a good chance one of us will have experience in that field.